Learning from Great Orators

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To give a great speech requires many things.  First is to learn the science of speech.  Second is to study the works of great speakers.  I have complied many greatest speeches in history.

Great speakers utilize three basic principals:

  • delivery
  • style
  • arrangement

Delivery can be studied only be watching and listening to great speakers.  Style and arrangement can be studied from the transcripts listed here.  Some of the speeches include video and audio.

A List of Great Speeches


Freedom Speeches


Hypocrisy of American Slavery – Frederick Douglass

A Time for Choosing  by Ronald Reagan

Ronald Reagan – Speaks out against Socialized Medicine

Mark Twain Speech – Votes For Women

A Woman’s Right to Vote – Susan B. Anthony

The Nazi’s Aim is Slavery – Edouard Daladier

Working Towards Peace – Margaret Thatcher


Presidential Speeches


First Inaugural Address of President Thomas Jefferson

The Gettysburg Address – Abraham Lincoln.

The Rights of the People to Rule – Theodore Roosevelt

The Man With the Muck-rake by Theodore Roosevelt

Duties of American Citizenship by Theodore Roosevelt

Theodore Roosevelt Speech – Social and Industrial Justice

Address to Nation on the Challenger by Ronald Regan

Margaret Thatcher Speech – Tribute To Ronald Reagan

Inaugrual Address of John F. Kennedy.

Nehru Speech – Tryst With Destiny

Mario Savio Speech – An End To History.

Mario Matthew Cuomo Speech – Religious Belief And Public Morality


Military Speeches


Give Me Liberty or Give Me Death By Patrick Henry

We Shall Fight on the Beaches by Winston Churchill

Napoleon Bonaparte Speech – The Egyptian Campaign

Giuseppe Garibaldi’s Great Speech

George C. Marshall – The Marshall Plan speech

General Washington – Prevents Revolt of his Officers



Basic – Speech Course

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This will be a great course for anyone who needs to improve their ability to speak publicly. This course will cover everything you need:

  • Arrangement
  • Delivery
  • Styles
  • Basic speech writing.
  • How to develop credibility with you audience
  • How to overcome fear of public speaking, without tricks.
  • Basics of voice and projection.
  • How to create and keep attention
  • and more!

If you need to speak publicly this is the course for you.  This course will give you everything you need to deliver great speeches.   Once of the main reasons people fear public speaking is not due a fear of speaking to other, as we do this every day, but a lack of understanding of what is nessary to give a great speech or presention.

Nothing builds confindence more, in terms of mastery, than knowing that you have firm grasp on the fundmentals.  If you have tried other courses and still have troubles, fears, nervousness, or your listerners are not motovated, then Speech-School.com is the exactly what you need.

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