The Visual Voice is the ability to convey your message by having the listener see the same images you see in your mind in the the mind of the listener. While this happen naturally from time to time in everyday, it is imperative that a good speaker understand how to do this precisely every-time.

Because most speakers lack this ability the depend on Power-point to convey the image. However there is a great differance between an image seen and an image that is formed in the mind by mental effort-the later is superior.

When we think of “great speeches” or “great speakers” they are not give a Power-point presentation.   Lincoln at Gettysburg, Churchill’s “We will fight them on the Beaches”, the “Apology” of Socrates, etc.  History is full of great and memorable speeches that changed the course of history and lives of millions.  All without the aid of Power-point.

If you want to be good speaker you must learn the art of the Visual-Voice.

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